What Creates a High Quality of Life?

Creating a high quality of life for your kids can seem like a difficult task. You might worry that you are not able to give your kids all the things that they want. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your kids are happy and healthy. What is truly vital to creating a high quality of life for your kids?

Quality Versus Quantity

Knowing the difference between quantity and quality can help you understand what your kids need to be happy. Sometimes, parents can get confused with the quantity of life versus quality. You want to provide things for your kids. 

You want them to have everything they want — a car, a cell phone, video game systems — and you can get caught up on the things they can provide to your kids. Sometimes, you might struggle with feelings of inadequacy when you have to say “no” to your kids.

But is quality the same as quantity? Do you measure happiness based on what you have or by living a life consistent with your values?

The Mixed Messages of Social Media

Social media can give both kids and their parents mixed messages about what happiness really is. For example, your kids might follow a celebrity on social media, who always seems to be on vacation, looks absolutely carefree, and perfect.

What your kids don’t see is the downside or the challenging parts of life on social media. Life is full of both ups and downs. However, most social media accounts only highlight the good things to share with the world. Most people hide their insecurities, vulnerabilities, and flaws.

These mixed messages can impact you as well. You might see friends posting all the great things going on in their lives — family photos on vacations, pictures of home remodeling, and post after post of a family together and happy. 

You might get the impression that other people do not have any struggles. You could feel alienated if you have a child with an addiction, a mental health disorder, or a physical disability. Conceivably, you lose hope in creating a high quality of life for your child.

Setting Priorities: What Is Important?

You might get caught up in trying to keep up with others or giving your kids everything they want. Feelings of inadequacy can start to consume you, and these feelings can rob you of your time and energy. You may not be present with your kids when you feel shame, self-blame, guilt, or other feelings of insecurity.

But what is essential to a good life? What are the real priorities that create a high quality of life? Create priorities based on the simple things that you can provide for your kids. The most meaningful gift you can give them is your time.

The Simplicity of Happiness

Giving your time to others is simple. However, being present with your kids might be challenging when you are caught up in your own worries and stressors. Stress with your work, problems in your adult relationships, or money issues can eat away your time with your kids.

Creating a high quality of life for your kids starts with you. What are you doing to take care of yourself? Are you feeling overworked and drained when you get home from work? Do you feel like you are always working, even when you get home? Has your physical health taken a backseat to everything else?

Caring for yourself is vital to being there for your kids. You might need to take a step back when you feel anxious or insecure about your parenting abilities. Check-in with yourself, take deep breaths, and get yourself focused back in the moment.

Your Kids Will Grow Up Quickly

Time can easily slip away from you if you are caught up in your own thoughts and insecurities. To give your kids a high quality of life, set the best example that you can for them. Live a life of value and meaning, be fully present with the time that you have, and you will teach your kids that a high quality of life has nothing to do with money or possessions.

Living a high quality of life is about how you spend your time — caring for yourself so that you can be there for your loved ones.

You might find further inspiration from hearing stories of adversity, like “How a Child Can Change a Community, Without Ever Talking” from Fire Mountain’s “Beyond Risk and Back” podcast.

As parents, we want to give our kids the best life that we can. Unfortunately, we can get caught in wanting to give our kids everything they could ever want. Comparing ourselves to others, we start to feel inadequate about what we have to offer our kids. We forget that quality of life has nothing to do with quantity. Happiness is not measured in the things we have, achievements, or how much time we spend going to exotic places. Instead, high quality of life is about the quality of each moment. Parents can get so caught up in their own stress and problems that they are not present with their kids. The best gift you can give your kids is your time — fully attentive, present, accepting, and loving. For parents of teens who struggle, Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center offers support for families, parents, and kids. Call us today at (303) 443-3343.

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