Fire Mountain has a Visiting Artists program.

This program introduces the kids in out program to a variety of avenues for self expression and personal fulfillment, not to mention potentially great careers. We will bring in artists from various disciplines such as poetry, visual art, film, music and culinary arts. They will be selected from both a nationally-known pool of artists, as well as from our local communities. Each artist will teach a two to three hour workshop to our residents.

Inspiration comes from many sources. Exposing the Fire Mountain kids to people who have created inspirational and meaningful lives for themselves can provide healthy modeling for teens seeking a sense of self and a promising future.  People who have found their own paths can show others how to get there. We are excited for the inspiration, learning and fun the Visiting Artists program will bring to the curriculum and more importantly, to our troubled teens.

Click here if you want to read about some of the artists that have visited Fire Mountain.