Samantha and Robert (more details to come)


Ken Huey

Ken Huey completed his BA degree in Business Administration at Baldwin-Wallace College and went on to complete his MBA in Marketing at Michigan State University.  Subsequently, Ken taught Marketing and was a student counselor at Cleveland State University.  After a few years, Ken returned to school, deciding to specialize in Hospital Administration, completing another Master’s degree at CU Health Sciences Center in Denver.

Ken has held a handful of positions over the years including the Assistant Administrator at St. Mary’s Hospital, the CEO of Longmont United Hospital, the CEO position at Memorial Hospital of Sheridan, as well as a few interim CEO positions since his formal retirement in 2006.

Ken’s interest in Fire Mountain goes beyond his father-son relationship with the director of Fire Mountain, Aaron Huey. He brings his administrative and Board Of Directors experiences to the advisory board of Fire Mountain. Ken has held administrative positions and served on the boards for such organizations as the Colorado Hospital Association, Boulder County and Longmont YMCA’s, Longmont and Sheridan, WY Chambers of Commerce, Grand County Health Advisory Board, among others.

Parent Representatives

Phil & Alicia Puckett

Having sent one of their daughters to Fire Mountain and experienced the success of the program, Phil and Alicia know the importance of a program like this. They know first hand what Aaron and Chris bring to the table and want to support this program as well as the kids who become a part of the tribe.

Phil has been working in the IT field as a network engineer for the past 15 years and has been involved in a couple of startup businesses, one involving the technical development of data centers, the other involving something a little more palatable……literally. Phil has started up his own Boulder Dessert Company which specializes in creating gluten and dairy free desserts. His mission is to give those people who suffer from dairy or gluten allergies a taste of what they are missing.