Join us for our monthly (free) interactive presentation series Taming the Dragon, led by cutting edge leaders in the following areas:

  • Drugs and the adolescent brain
  • The neuroscience of depression, signs, symptoms and new treatments. (And how drugs make it worse)
  • Nutrition, allergies and addiction
  • Adolescent development: Unlocking the mysteries
  • Taking Back Your Home: Parents as Leaders (Psst…It’s what kids want)
  • Eating disorders and body image

These events will provide you with new and insightful information to help you build stronger relationships with your teens and family unit as a whole.

Location: Dreamcatcher Direct Instruction Center

5440 Conestoga Court  Boulder, CO 80301


**(the 4th Thursday of the month)**

August:  Addiction, Development and Attachment with Duey Freeman, MA, LPC, 9/22/11

September:  Food Allergies, Nutrition and Behavior, with JoHannah Reilly, ND, LAc, 10/27/11

October:  Embodied Parenting  with Sam Elmore, MA , 11/17/11 (one week early due to Thanksgiving)

November:  Beauty Mark, with Diane Isreal, LLC, MA, Executive Producer, Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Founder of SheArt

January:  Natural Highs Parent Evening, with Avani Dilger,  MEd, MA, LPC, CACIII, 1/26/12

February:  Ronda Wanda, Understanding the Unconscious Motivations of Your Teen: What’s really behind the behavior?  2/23/12

The season is over. Check back in August for a new group of speakers.