The Cowboy Ranch has been one of the great American traditions since the growth of cattle farming in the West. Countless movies depict that nostalgic era in US history. Today, due to various economic pressures, the ranch of yesteryear is a fading part of the American experience. However, many ranches have found a new purpose helping youth and families reconnect with the outdoors and themselves.

Dude ranches offer adventure vacations, and therapeutic ranches help adolescents rediscover themselves. Teens turn themselves around through working on traditional ranches and using the experience to come to grips with emotional and behavioral problems.

The Therapeutic Ranch

The therapeutic ranch is one of a number of services with the same goal in mind: help kids overcome problems and get back on track with their lives. Spending time on a therapeutic ranch gets teenagers away from negative influences and unhealthy lifestyles. Taking troubled youth away from the problem environment helps facilitates personal growth. Challenged in a positive ways, teens learn to meet challenges and feel good about themselves.

Therapeutic ranches are not just work out in the country, they include therapy and life-skill activities. Many even use equine therapy and other therapeutic strategies. As with teen residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools, there is a great deal of variety among youth ranches.

Similarities And Differences To Fire Mountain

Ranches that serve troubled youth are in many ways similar to Fire Mountain, but also different in important ways.

  • Both incorporate outdoor activities as a part of therapy.
  • Both are located in natural outdoors environments.
  • Both help adolescents become their better selves.
  • Both use equine therapy.
  • Ranches use working ranch activities to facilitate healing.
  • Fire Mountain takes different elements from the best evidence-based treatments.

The most important difference between Fire Mountain and therapeutic ranches is the approach used to help adolescents find their path in life. Ranches, boot camps, military schools, and boarding schools were not designed to help troubled youth. They were created for other purposes. The Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Program was designed specifically to treat teens by taking the best elements of effective evidence-based approaches to create a program that works.

“…your program gives them the tools to help guide them in the right direction.”
Susan, Jim & Adam