If your teenager is struggling with behavior or addiction problems, there are many ways to help them overcome their difficulties and find the right path. Two types of programs often considered are therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment programs. Both are viable options depending on the situation and the type of environment that will best serve your troubled teen. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences so you can better decide which it best for your teenager.

Program Similarities

Both types of programs tend to provide the same types of services:

  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Therapy
  • Lodging

Program Differences

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

  • Emphasize school
  • Longer stays
  • Larger number of residents

Residential Treatment Centers

  • Emphasize therapy
  • Shorter stays
  • Smaller number of residents

If you have been doing your research, you will know that there is quite a bit of variety, even in similar categories of troubled teen programs. However, there are a couple of important distinctions between therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. A residential treatment center focuses on healing and treatment. The individual comes first and is of primary importance. Therapy, education and recreation are a part of the therapeutic healing process.

At therapeutic boarding schools the healing process is a part of the education. This is an important distinction. At a therapeutic boarding school, the underlying causes of the problems your child is experiencing may be unaddressed if the focus is on the education. At a residential treatment center the educational component becomes part of the healing and therapeutic process. The work is done from the inside out.

At Fire Mountain The Focus Is On Healing

Many parents that look at therapeutic boarding schools are looking to help their kids while ensuring that the teen stays on track with their education. School comes first. At Fire Mountain, the emphasis is on the therapy. Kids come to get help with their problems and get education as a part of the program. The focus is on the healing.

When the focus is on the healing, the other aspects of their young lives fall into place. Four to six months at the Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center may be enough to replace years at a therapeutic boarding school.

“…your program gives them the tools to help guide them in the right direction.”
Susan, Jim & Adam