The Power of Art Therapy for Troubled Teens

Most of the time, people consider art to be something people do in their free time as a hobby. Additionally, most think that in order to create art, you have to be talented. At Fire Mountain RTC, we do not share this opinion. Instead, we think that art is an amazing therapy practice that allows for self expression, relaxation and much more.

The good news? We’re not the only people who think this. Many studies have shown that when adolescents make art it can reveal things about themselves, as well as act as a way for them to ease their depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

What exactly is art therapy?

Art therapy is the combined use of therapy and the creative process of making art. Individuals who use this process work through the challenges they are currently facing by making art that exposes their innermost feelings. While they are not instructed to create anything specific in most cases, internal issues tend to spring up during the creative process. In almost all cases, an art therapist will facilitate the class, encouraging and inspiring the class members to open up in their art in a way they are unable to do when they are speaking.

What are the benefits to art therapy?

There have been many studies on the benefits of art therapy. One of the main findings is that through art there is an increased amount of activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This is the part of the brain which is associated with regulating thoughts, emotions and actions. This part of the brain is also highly associated with success.

It is also thought that creating art can help to give us access to a part of ourselves that we may not otherwise tap into. This has the ability to give us a new perspectives on a wide range of issues. This could potentially be because we are using imagery to access parts of ourselves which we have not done since we were children as pictures were often the first way we learned how to communicate. When we create art, we are taking our internal struggle and putting it in an external form. This often allows for the individual to see that their struggle does not control or define them – setting them free from it.

An additional perk to art therapy is that there are a number of mediums that can be used by those participating in the classes. For some, paint may call to them more, while for others collage allows them to make a more meaningful message.

We have art therapy classes at Fire Mountain

At Fire Mountain RTC, we are huge advocates of the good art therapy can do for those who suffer from depression or anxiety, as well as those who have gone through traumatic events. Our art classes are held twice a week and participants are able to work in a number of mediums as mentioned above. We have supplies for painting, sculpture, collage and more! If you think your teenager could benefit from being in an art therapy class, contact us today. We would love to give you more information about this method of therapy as well as tell you more about the Fire Mountain program in general!