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Education Credits

School Program: Fire Mountain Academy

When you call to discuss sending your teen to Fire Mountain, your primary concern is treatment and getting your kid back. We know that a close second is he or she falling behind in school. Education is an important issue for all parents and teens.  Fire Mountain treatment program includes Fire Mountain Academy’s official accredited classroom credits as described below.

We know that school can be a difficult environment for youth. We also know that a solid education opens up many doors in life and is crucial to prolonged security and happiness. It is our priority to reinstate the values of hard work, organization, and responsibility that come with being an engaged and motivated student.

Basic Requirements for Education Credits

Your student’s engagement in classes and daily attendance will directly affect credits earned. The following classes are taught at Fire Mountain Academy, with varying credits (potentially) earned as indicated below. 

Classes and Credits Offered:

Math: Business, Finance and Job Readiness
English: The Hero’s Journey, Grammar, and Composition
Science: Neuropsychology                      Culinary Skills Class (on hold) 
Customized Online Classes including Credit Recovery
Fine Arts including Dance, Composition, Music Appreciation, and/or Outdoor Therapy

Transcript and Certificates:

On discharge, Fire Mountain Academy will provide an official academic transcript and two certificates; one for completion of the ServSafe Food Handler Course, and the second for Community Service hours earned.

Working With Your Teen’s School:

We can provide your child’s school a copy of the transcript and certificates they will receive, if they successfully complete the coursework and the program, upon request. We are available to talk with your child’s school counselor or administrator if he or she has any questions.

We cannot guarantee your teen will “get ahead” in their school work due to the busy schedule that we keep. However, in addition to the offered courses, Credit Recovery Independent Study and GED preparation, coursework can be arranged. 

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