Getting the Best From the Outdoors: Wilderness Therapy

Your kids might be facing unique and dangerous issues relating to addiction, depression, cutting, promiscuity, or other complex problems. Simultaneously, most of these issues may lead to punitive measures or even law enforcement interventions. However, most of these problems are related to some underlying issue that can be addressed therapeutically. Wilderness therapy can be beneficial […]

animal therapy

How do Humans and Animals Relate to one Another?

“There is no greater gift of love than that of an animal choosing to share part of his soul’s journey here with you.” -Amy Miller, author and speaker Animal-assisted therapy can help teens in recovery from problematic behaviors or those in emotional distress. Pets and the domestication of animals have been a part of the […]

teenage guidance

A Teenage Residential Treatment Center Could Be Your Answer In 2020

In the current political climate, it is no wonder that people everywhere are looking more closely at their surroundings, as well as the people that are occupying them. With tragedies related to gun violence, especially those acts that have been committed by teenagers, warning signs of reckless behavior in adolescents is being taken more seriously […]