proactive treatment

How to Be Proactive in Your Child’s Treatment

Often, as parents, we find ourselves reacting to situations in the moment. We put out fires as they ignite, stepping in when help is needed and urgent. While being ready to handle emergencies as they occur or deal with a crisis in the moment is vital to helping our kids, we might also want to […]


Fixing the Family is the Best Treatment

When a child returns home after treatment, we might expect all of the issues within the home to disappear. We might have felt like our child with an addiction, mental health disorder, or other problematic behaviors were the leading cause of stress within our homes. However, in most instances in the recovery community, the entire […]


What Happens When a Child Returns From Treatment

When a child returns home from a stay at a treatment facility, parents might wonder what happens next. Recovery from addiction and other mental health disorders is not just a one and done event. Treatment can stabilize a person and teach new coping skills. However, the real work begins when returning home. Parents can help […]


Does My Child Need Treatment Again?

When a child or teenager goes through rehabilitation for addiction or other problematic behaviors, we might see a relapse sometime after treatment. When relapse occurs, some people get discouraged or believe that treatment does not work. Unfortunately, relapse can be a part of the process of recovery. Relapse does not always mean that a person […]


The Importance of the Words We Speak

The way that we express ourselves can have an impact. However, we might not be aware of how impactful our words can be on another’s feelings. In our culture today, with options for sharing our thoughts or opinions with the world quickly, we might dismiss the power of our words.  The Stigma of Recovery While […]