What Happens When Addiction Is in the Family

Addiction in the family has a ripple effect and can impact everyone. When a child has substance abuse disorder, the entire family unit is influenced.  Siblings can experience confusion about the issues, leading to maladaptive coping skills or other behavioral problems. Often, we only focus on the person with the addiction while assuming that other […]

residential treatment

When Does My Kid Need Long-Term Residential Treatment?

When we feel overwhelmed with our troubled teenagers, we might not know where to turn. Some of us have tried nearly everything—therapy, support groups, psychiatrists, juvenile justice counselors, case management, family therapy, parent coaching, and school support—yet our teenager is not responding. Once our kids are 18, they can legally be out on their own, […]

learning from trauma

How Can I Learn From My Trauma?

When we go through a traumatic experience, we might struggle to make sense of the issue or find meaning from the event. Anyone who has gone through a traumatic experience, whether a life-threatening event or long-term exposure to stress, might have difficulty reconciling the trauma. Often, those with trauma in their past might ask, “why […]

emotions in treatment

The Value of Identifying Difficult Emotions in Treatment

When kids are in treatment for challenging issues, like addiction, depression, or other problematic behaviors, they might have experienced difficult emotions with no known outlet. Kids often have underlying problems driving troubling behaviors. They might have trauma or an underlying mental health issue. They could be bullied at school and deal with low self-esteem. The […]


What You Need to Do When Your Child Stops Medications

When kids are under the care of a psychiatrist for a mental health concern, they might be taking medications to regulate their moods or minimize their anxiety. Medications like antidepressants and mood stabilizers can have side effects to consider before using them to help kids. When our kids take medicines that appear helpful, we might […]