How Much Privacy Is Too Much for Teens?

A parent-child relationship should be based on mutual trust. Part of that relationship includes your teen trusting you to honor their privacy and allowing them to have increased privacy as they mature and demonstrate greater responsibility.  However, you may ask yourself, is there a limit to your child’s privacy when you suspect dangerous or unhealthy […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder in Teens

In the cold, snowy, winter months ahead, we often think of the holidays and pleasant memories with our families from years past. For many, however, this time of year is not a cheerful one. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression whose onset is typically in the winter months, although summer SAD exists […]


How to Respond When Your Child Relapses

When our children go to treatment, we might expect that they will return home cured of their addiction or mental health issue. Unfortunately, a stay in a treatment facility will not fix any person forever. Recovery is a lifelong journey. For some kids, a stay in a treatment facility might have been the first step […]


Am I Controlling or Influencing My Child?

When we raise our kids to be self-sufficient and healthy adults, we can be their role models for behavior. They might look to us to get their needs met and set an example for dealing with life’s natural ups and downs. One of the important aspects of Dr. Charles Fay’s ideas presented in “Love and […]


Why Is My Kid Manipulating Me?

When our kids manipulate us, we can feel frustrated or angry that our kids seem to be resorting to such means. They might use yelling, tantrums, lying, name-calling, or making us feel bad to get what they want. In more extreme cases, kids might call child protective services on us, make threats, run away, or […]