Parents Who Share: Resourcing for the Best Solutions

Do you expect yourself to have all the answers when your kid is struggling? Do you feel pressured to know exactly what to do “in the moment” when a crisis occurs? Do you fear losing your parental authority by admitting, “I’m not sure what to do right now?” Many parents struggle with these thoughts when […]


How Can I Help My Kids When Their Sibling Is In Treatment?

The siblings of a troubled child who is struggling with behavioral or mental health issues might be impacted by the family crisis. On the surface, siblings might appear to be doing fine. Parents might not see any problems with their other kids, or their attention might be focused so much more on the troubled child. […]


Why Is My Child Running Away, And What Can I Do?

Our kids can run away from home for several reasons. Generally, running away is a means of escaping some more significant consequence. Our kids might have engaged in normal rebellious behavior, testing limits, and pushing boundaries. However, they may have taken their actions too far, and now face several issues at school, at home, or […]


How to Combat Your Child’s Internet Addiction

Internet addiction—like any other addiction—can take away positive aspects of your child’s life. Much like any substance or process addiction, the internet can “hijack” the brain’s reward centers, release dopamine, and set up addiction potential. However, unlike other addictions, your child will most likely need to utilize the internet as a resource throughout their life. […]