What Are “Natural Consequences” in Behavior Management?

“Responsible behavior is a prerequisite for privacy, choice, and freedom.” -Aaron Huey, Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center Co-Founder Natural consequences for behavior can teach teenagers what to do and what not to do. We strive to teach our kids to make good and healthy choices in life for their own long-term benefit. As parents, we […]

avoiding reactions

Avoiding Reactions: How to Get Out Ahead of Problems

When adolescents engage in problematic behavior, we might find ourselves managing problems as they occur. We see the issue happening or see the consequences after the fact and can only react to what has already happened. We then engage in a cycle of “putting out fires” by reacting when things are out of control rather […]

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4 Ways Group Therapy Helps You Get Sober

Group therapy is a safe environment where others understand your struggles. If you’re going through the trying time of getting sober, not everyone understands. Family may look at you in disbelief. Friends might shrug it off and encourage you to keep old habits. Group therapy, however, is a great way to meet others who understand […]

teenage behavior

What Is Considered Normal Teenage Behavior?

You made it through the newborn years. You survived the “terrible twos”. Now you’ve entered the teenage years and just don’t know what to do. Teenagers are completely different than children—and sometimes it feels like you don’t even know your own kids anymore. So, how do you determine what’s bad behavior and what’s normal teenage […]