avoiding reactions

Avoiding Reactions: How to Get Out Ahead of Problems

When adolescents engage in problematic behavior, we might find ourselves managing problems as they occur. We see the issue happening or see the consequences after the fact and can only react to what has already happened. We then engage in a cycle of “putting out fires” by reacting when things are out of control rather […]

holistic treatment for drug abuse

Why Holistic Treatment for Drug Abuse Works

Proper addiction treatment can exist in many forms. Not every teenager responds well with every method of recovery—so, we aim to find the best method for each resident. When it comes to drug abuse, our team at Fire Mountain will work with your teen to find a holistic or non-holistic treatment method to put them […]

4 Signs of Cocaine Abuse

4 Signs of Cocaine Abuse in Teens

Teenagers are expected to experiment with bending the rules, especially in the later years. As teens begin to feel like “adults”, they crave freedom—but, sometimes, too much freedom can lead to bad choices and life-altering consequences.  Drug use, for instance, can become addictive and detrimental. Cocaine, specifically, can have consequences that affect your teen’s health, […]