The Positive Benefits of Families Supporting Families

Families can help one another as their loved ones face challenges due to addiction or other problematic behaviors. When we look at recovery, we have to remember that fixing the person with the issue does not heal the entire family system. Parents might struggle with their emotions surrounding the problems occurring at home. Siblings can […]


No Longer Alone: Positive Impact of Support

Finding support in recovery is paramount to successful outcomes. After leaving a treatment facility, some individuals may feel overly confident, believing that they can get through their struggles alone. Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center understands the importance of support during and following treatment. We begin the transition process during a teen’s stay at our facility […]


The Best Ways to Support Each Other During COVID

Staying connected to our friends and peers during the pandemic can be difficult. Isolation, however, can lead to relapse. As we are beginning to open up more social outlets safely, many of us are still restricted in many of the activities we loved before the pandemic. Some of us may have been doing fine during […]


Harm Reduction and Improving Life in Recovery

Recovery from addiction or other harmful behaviors can be challenging to approach. We might want to see significant changes quickly or hear someone promise to stop the behavior altogether before they begin recovery. This is especially true of potentially dangerous or hazardous behaviors, such as drug abuse, alcohol addiction, or self-injurious behaviors. Due to the […]

Supporting Your Child Through a Crisis

How Can I Remain Calm While My Child Is In a Crisis?

When your child or teen is going into a crisis mode, you might feel your own emotional state beginning to rise. You may start to feel angry, frustrated, upset, sad, or shocked. When you see someone have an overreaction to a situation, your first instinct might be to try to fix the problem quickly. If […]