How Can I Support My Relationship With My Parenting Partner?

“Take care of yourselves first, your adult relationships second, your children third because, in that way, you do your best work with your children.” -Aaron Huey, co-founder of Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center When we have a child with problematic issues, like addiction, promiscuity, running away, or other concerns, we might unintentionally put our parenting […]


The Power of Altruism for Compassionate Support

Support groups provide an opportunity for us to heal by being there for one another. There is a great deal of power in just being present for others to help us in recovery. Altruism, or the practice of displaying concern for others’ welfare, benefits both the giver and the receiver. When participating in support groups […]

Mom supporting daughter

How to Respond When Your Teen Comes Out

As a parent, you may not understand how to respond to your teen if they come out as a member of the LGBTQ community. Kids identifying as gay, queer, bisexual, transgender, or anything other than heterosexual may face more risk of problematic issues if they do not feel loved and accepted. These kids might not […]

Mom & Daughter

The Value of Building a Tribe and Social Network

Recovery from addiction and other problematic behaviors can be a pathway for our kids to foster more significant connections with others and with their lives as a whole. Our kids might need to build up their “Bear Tribe” and social networks for continued success in recovery. Addiction, cutting, promiscuity, and other behaviors might have been […]

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Everyone Needs Support: The Importance of Being Compassionate

Compassion can be vital to the recovery of those who are struggling with severe, problematic behaviors. You can practice compassion and empathy during group sessions with your family or by attending family-based support groups. Stephen Andrew discusses compassion with Fire Mountain’s Aaron Huey on the “Beyond Risk and Back” podcast episode “Compassion Is the Healer.” […]