The Importance of “Talking About It” to Combat Shame

The more we talk about the challenges we face in our lives, the more others realize they are not alone. We can combat feelings of shame around addiction, mental illness, excessive gaming, cutting, suicidal ideation, and gender identity by discussing these topics openly. Many people experience these issues, yet many of us hold back on […]

emotions in treatment

The Value of Identifying Difficult Emotions in Treatment

When kids are in treatment for challenging issues, like addiction, depression, or other problematic behaviors, they might have experienced difficult emotions with no known outlet. Kids often have underlying problems driving troubling behaviors. They might have trauma or an underlying mental health issue. They could be bullied at school and deal with low self-esteem. The […]


What is the Real Deal With Depression?

Depression is among the most common mental health disorders in the United States. Those struggling with depression can experience a range of symptoms, from disrupted sleeping issues to suicidal attempts. Understanding depression from the outside can be challenging for parents. Kids might experience some overlap of depression symptoms during specific situations, or they might struggle temporarily to […]


Should I Hide My Self-Injury Scars?

Before treatment and beginning recovery, some of us might have used self-injury as a maladaptive coping skill. While we have learned to move beyond our past and found better ways of coping with stressors and powerful emotions, we might still have retained scars from our past. We might feel embarrassed when people notice these scars […]


How Can I Let Go of Shame?

Shame can get in the way of true healing. Parents might feel shame due to the stereotype and stigma surrounding teens with co-occurring disorders of addiction and mental health issues. We might think that other people judge us or believe that we are bad parents.  Our child’s issues are not our fault. Families of all […]