How Can I Make Time for Self-Care?

Self-care practices are crucial for maintaining our mental wellness. When we have kids struggling with challenging issues, like running away from home, going in and out of psychiatric units, dealing with addiction, self-injurious behaviors, or other problems, we might neglect our own needs for self-care. When we become overwhelmed with crisis after crisis with our […]


The Importance of Balance to Live a Meaningful Life

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many changes over the last year. Many of us might have lost our jobs, struggled with mental health illness, experienced increased stress, mourned the loss of loved ones, and other issues. Social restrictions and limited access to preferred activities and events might have left many feeling that their lives were […]

Family Support

How to Meet Personal Needs: The Attachment Cycle

The Attachment Cycle is based upon having our needs met by our caregivers. We can develop different styles of attachment as we grow up. When we grow up in a safe and predictable environment, we are more likely to develop a “secure attachment style.” When children grow up in households where their needs (not just […]