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When Does My Kid Need Long-Term Residential Treatment?

When we feel overwhelmed with our troubled teenagers, we might not know where to turn. Some of us have tried nearly everything—therapy, support groups, psychiatrists, juvenile justice counselors, case management, family therapy, parent coaching, and school support—yet our teenager is not responding. Once our kids are 18, they can legally be out on their own, […]

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The Right Direction in Strengths-Based, Solution-Focused Therapy

“Strengths-Based, Solution-Focused Therapy” refers to positive approaches in psychology and therapy that focus on strengths and solutions. These approaches to therapy take the focus away from “fixing what is wrong” to “building up what is going right.” Rather than looking solely at the issues going on, we look for the positive things that may already […]

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Being a Mentor for New Members of the Tribe

Alumni from Fire Mountain Residential Treatment are considered lifelong members of the Bear Tribe. You may be an inspiration to others who are now beginning their recovery journey. Supporting new members of the Bear Tribe can help you remain close to the recovery community. You can continue to learn new things as you inspire others […]

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How to Resist Drugs in College

College is an exciting time for any young adult. With so much to learn and so many people to meet, it can be overwhelming at times. In this time of newfound independence, you’ll face many challenges. One challenge in particular: how do I say no to drugs? How You Can Say ‘No’ To Drugs in […]

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4 Ways Group Therapy Helps You Get Sober

Group therapy is a safe environment where others understand your struggles. If you’re going through the trying time of getting sober, not everyone understands. Family may look at you in disbelief. Friends might shrug it off and encourage you to keep old habits. Group therapy, however, is a great way to meet others who understand […]