How to Build Authentic Relationships

When feeling overwhelmed by our family’s issues, our adult relationship with our parenting partner might have suffered. When kids are going through struggles, they might exhibit challenging behaviors like addiction, cutting, self-injuries, promiscuity, trouble at school, and others. We might feel as though we spend all of our time managing one crisis after another. By […]

autism spectrum disorder awareness

How to Understand Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be complex and is often misunderstood. Individuals with ASD might have unique ways of communicating and have needs that they struggle with expressing. Kids with ASD might struggle with doing their school work, relating to others, or effectively communicating. They may also exhibit other challenging behaviors. Fire Mountain’s Aaron Huey […]


The Best Tips for Dealing with Narcissistic Behaviors

Narcissistic behaviors from others can severely warp your sense of self-worth and your perception of reality. Narcissists are motivated by dark thoughts, such as shame and fear, to get what they want from others. Dealing with a narcissist in your life can be taxing and difficult. You might feel devalued or used. You can feel […]

Happy Family

Is Residential Treatment the Right Step for My Child?

As a parent, you might be wondering what steps to take for your child when they are dealing with severe issues, like mental health issues, behavioral concerns, self-injury, suicidal ideations, or addictions. How will you know if residential treatment is the right next step for your child? There are a few things to look out […]