rock bottom

Rock Bottom— What It Looks Like

Does rock bottom look the same for everyone experiencing the challenges of addiction and mental health issues? Can we define rock bottom objectively to know definitively when a person needs an intervention or treatment? Do we need to get to our lowest point to finally make a change? These questions regarding rock bottom can be […]


Grieving When a Loved One Overdoses

During recovery from addiction, we often face the reality that not everyone seeks treatment or heals. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the help they need in time, or they relapse with devastating consequences. While we might have moved on from friends who enabled our addictions, others may have never gotten past their own struggles. Friends and […]

recovery skills

Tips That Will Make the Best of Your Recovery Skills

After our kids leave active treatment, relapse can occur when we do not retain the skills necessary for continued growth and health in recovery. Often, while in treatment, many comply with the strategies and achieve their goals within a facility. Unfortunately, when those skills do not transfer back to the home environment or everyday life […]


How to Respond When Your Child Relapses

When our children go to treatment, we might expect that they will return home cured of their addiction or mental health issue. Unfortunately, a stay in a treatment facility will not fix any person forever. Recovery is a lifelong journey. For some kids, a stay in a treatment facility might have been the first step […]


What Do I Do if My Child Relapses After Treatment?

Relapse can occur during anyone’s recovery following treatment. By being proactive and prepared, we can help our kids minimize the risk of relapse. However, if relapse does occur, we might feel upset, disappointed, or feel like treatment is not effective or useful. If your child relapses, you might need to look at this as a […]