Healthy Ways to Prevent Relapse in the Recovery Journey

Relapse can occur following treatment and beyond. Depending upon the severity of the relapse, alumni might need to consider going back to a facility or getting additional support before things get much worse. In some instances, relapse can be recognized immediately, and we can get back on track quickly if we are honest with ourselves. […]


Being Alone Does Not Work: Family Work in Recovery

Treating the family can go a long way in recovery for a child struggling with addiction or other problematic behaviors. Parents might expect that if their kid is treated, they can then handle their issues. Parents might believe that therapy or treatment can “fix” their child with little or no participation from the other members […]

Relapse Prevention

Helpful Solutions for Relapse Prevention Skills

Relapse prevention is one of the most critical aspects of recovery. While “relapse” is usually often associated with drug or alcohol addiction, you can apply the term to other maladaptive behaviors or issues. Relapse prevention can refer to coping skills that help keep a person from experiencing depression, anxiety, cutting, or other conditions. Keep in […]

Consistency In Recovery

Inconsistency Does Not Work: Ways to Keep Things Fresh

Recovery from drugs, alcohol, or mental health issues takes consistency. You need to care for yourself on a daily basis. You need to find what works for you and shed the things that are no longer useful. You may find your “recovery formula” quickly. Each day, you follow the same routine to maintain your sobriety […]