Recovery Is the Fixing of a Broken System

Recovery from addiction and mental health requires examining the systems your child is involved in. You might think that you can just fix your kid, and everything will be fine. Once your child returns home from treatment, they will be cured—nothing else needs to be addressed. Most often, behavioral problems and addiction occur in environments […]

What Happens When Addiction Is in the Family

Addiction in the family has a ripple effect and can impact everyone. When a child has substance abuse disorder, the entire family unit is influenced.  Siblings can experience confusion about the issues, leading to maladaptive coping skills or other behavioral problems. Often, we only focus on the person with the addiction while assuming that other […]

Dealing With Failure to Launch

Failure to launch can be frustrating for parents of older teens and young adults. However, kids might also feel frustration over their lack of moving forward. Kids recovering from mental health issues or addiction might need more time to catch up or manage other issues before finding footing as young adults. As they watch peers […]


Importance of an Aftercare Plan in Recovery

We all wish that a stay in a treatment facility would be as good as a cure. We would love to send our kids to be “fixed” following a long-term stay. Imagine if our kids could come back home, never use substances, feel depressed, punch holes in the wall, or engage in any other issues […]