Should I Tell Other Parents My Child’s Gender?

Parents of children who identify as other than their gender at birth might wonder if they should talk to other parents about their child’s transition. For example, parents might worry about how other parents will feel if a child born as a boy is spending time alone with their girl, and vice versa. In addition, […]

Helping Others When They Need It

When we are dealing with our own pain and trauma, we struggle to be there for others in their time of need. When helping our kids through addiction and other problematic behaviors, we might face our triggers while guiding them through the healing process. We could have our own unresolved trauma that influences how we […]

Can the Internet Be Dangerous for My Kids?

The internet provides a wealth of access and knowledge about the world at the ease of our fingertips. We can find nearly anything that we want from the internet, and almost anyone can post content online, whether the content is truthful or intentionally misleading. Kids are growing up with the internet and never lived in […]

Understanding the 5 Needs That Drive Behaviors

When kids engage in problematic behaviors, we might focus our attention solely on ending the behavior itself. We use punishment, yelling, and other means, hoping to get them to stop. Yet, we might find that no matter how much discipline we impose or how strict we are in “laying down the law,” our kids only […]