The Power of Altruism for Compassionate Support

Support groups provide an opportunity for us to heal by being there for one another. There is a great deal of power in just being present for others to help us in recovery. Altruism, or the practice of displaying concern for others’ welfare, benefits both the giver and the receiver. When participating in support groups […]

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How to Raise the Adults Your Kids Will Become

Changing our mindset when raising our kids can help us understand the parenting skills taught by recovery centers, like Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center of Estes Park, Colorado. During parenting weekends and workshops, Fire Mountain’s co-founder, Aaron Huey, and other staff explore the issues that parents are dealing with today while raising their kids. One […]


What Do I Do if My Child Relapses After Treatment?

Relapse can occur during anyone’s recovery following treatment. By being proactive and prepared, we can help our kids minimize the risk of relapse. However, if relapse does occur, we might feel upset, disappointed, or feel like treatment is not effective or useful. If your child relapses, you might need to look at this as a […]


How Can I Support Someone Who Refuses Recovery?

When a loved one or a child is struggling with addiction, we might do all of the right things to get them help. We might be taking them to appointments, getting them into treatment facilities, and supporting them the best that we can. Yet, they might continue to relapse, engage in risky behavior, or outright […]


How Can I Get Through to My Kid?

Parents might experience difficulty when approaching their children about critical issues. Kids might have severe struggles—like addiction, behavioral concerns, or mental health issues—that we, as parents, want to help our kids get through. However, sometimes, our kids “put up a wall,” and we cannot seem to get through to them. If our kid has been […]