Why Is My Child Running Away, And What Can I Do?

Our kids can run away from home for several reasons. Generally, running away is a means of escaping some more significant consequence. Our kids might have engaged in normal rebellious behavior, testing limits, and pushing boundaries. However, they may have taken their actions too far, and now face several issues at school, at home, or […]

How to Identify a Gaming Addiction in Your Kids

Video games and other electronics can create issues for our kids since their brains are developing and have a desire for instant gratification. Kids can gravitate toward getting many of their needs met via video games and other screens. Addiction—whether gaming, drugs, alcohol or other behaviors—is often rooted in the need for some type of […]


What Are the Signs of Screen Addiction?

Throughout the country, we use more cell phones and digital devices on a daily basis now more than ever before. During the COVID-19 pandemic, video chatting programs have helped many people connect with their families and have allowed businesses to continue operating with employees working from home. No matter what we may think about cell […]

Mental Illness

Solutions for Helping a Child With Mental Illness

Being a parent of a child with a mental illness can be challenging. You might not know where to get help or what to do for your child. As parents, you want what is best for your child. Society continues to uphold stigmas against people with mental illnesses. While you want to get your child […]

Supporting Your Child Through a Crisis

How Can I Remain Calm While My Child Is In a Crisis?

When your child or teen is going into a crisis mode, you might feel your own emotional state beginning to rise. You may start to feel angry, frustrated, upset, sad, or shocked. When you see someone have an overreaction to a situation, your first instinct might be to try to fix the problem quickly. If […]