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Never Accept “Fine:” The Value of the Open-Ended Question

When talking with our kids about serious issues or trying to understand their lives, we might hear one phrase consistently: “It’s fine.” As parents, we can struggle to get beyond this answer. We feel like we hit a wall or that they do not want to talk to us. Other times, we assume that everything […]


The Increased Risk of Harm in the LGBTQ+ Community

“Fitting in ” is one of the most common stressors facing teenagers. Everyone experiences some form of stress as they grow up, looking for their “tribe” or a place to belong. Kids in the LGBTQ+ community can have more challenges fitting in than their cisgender, heterosexual peers. Some members of the LGBTQ+ community can keep […]

Troubled Teen

What Can I Do to Help My Child With “Entitlement” Issues?

Entitlement can be a fairly subjective term, depending upon our preconceptions and expectations. Generally speaking, entitlement refers to anything that a person receives unconditionally without earning. Before we talk about how to deal with entitlement, let’s clarify what our children should have a reasonable expectation of receiving unconditionally. We may be unintentionally pushing our mentality […]

Mother and Son

How Can I Help Build My Child’s “Frustration Tolerance?”

We all have a “frustration tolerance,” which refers to our ability to handle setbacks and manage our emotions when we have to remain patient. Some people have a high tolerance for frustration, meaning that they are not upset easily and can remain relatively calm when facing challenges. Other people have a low tolerance for frustration. […]

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How to Find Your Strengths to Build Solutions

During recovery from drugs or alcohol, your kids might be feeling that change is too difficult or that they do not have the strength to get better. Helping your kids discover their inner strengths can help them push themselves through the challenge of changing for the better. Understanding strengths and interests can help your kids […]