What Do I Do When My Teen Bullies Me?

When kids struggle with problematic behaviors, we might feel like our home life is out of control. Our kids could be getting into trouble, spending time out late each night, disrupting the lives of our other kids, and leading us toward an emotional burnout. When our kids are younger, they can be somewhat easier to […]


How Can I Set Effective and Healthy Boundaries With My Child?

Setting effective and healthy boundaries with your child can help improve your relationship. Every relationship has boundaries, which will have consequences when these boundaries are crossed. Boundaries also keep relationships appropriate, and finding a balance is key to maintaining a healthy relationship with our kids. Boundaries can teach our kids how to get their needs […]


How Can I Avoid Getting Into Power Struggles With My Child?

Power struggles are a natural part of parenting and child development. Kids want to control their environment and might engage us in power struggles to get their needs met. Often, as parents, we might react with emotion or by asserting an authoritative stance. However, reacting by saying “do as I say or else!” or lecturing […]


How to Be Compassionate About Your Kids’ Gender Identity

When children struggle with their gender identity, we as parents may also struggle to understand these changes. We might have had expectations about who our child would grow up to be. We are now adjusting to this change and might have very little information on what our child is experiencing. We might also fear for […]

Mom supporting daughter

How to Respond When Your Teen Comes Out

As a parent, you may not understand how to respond to your teen if they come out as a member of the LGBTQ community. Kids identifying as gay, queer, bisexual, transgender, or anything other than heterosexual may face more risk of problematic issues if they do not feel loved and accepted. These kids might not […]