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Experiential Therapy: The Best Way to Help Boys in Recovery

Helping boys through the recovery process can be challenging. Although helping kids of all genders can be difficult, boys tend to be less expressive about their issues. They might not open up during talk therapy or feel uncomfortable talking about their emotions during a group session. Boys can often be responsive to “hands-on” activities, like […]

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How to Help Kids With Complex Trauma

Trauma can be a common underlying condition that might cause other issues, like addiction, depression, anxiety, or self-harm. Healing from trauma can take time and require specialized treatment. How does “complex trauma” compare to other traumas, like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? What Is “Trauma”? Trauma can be broadly defined as a maladaptive response to an […]


Am I Controlling or Influencing My Child?

When we raise our kids to be self-sufficient and healthy adults, we can be their role models for behavior. They might look to us to get their needs met and set an example for dealing with life’s natural ups and downs. One of the important aspects of Dr. Charles Fay’s ideas presented in “Love and […]

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What You Need to Know About Sympathy and Empathy

Are sympathy and empathy the same thing? Which one is more helpful to those struggling with problems? When supporting another person during our relationships, we will most likely need to provide emotional support for them at some point. This is especially characteristic in a parent-child relationship, as our kids often look to us for the […]


How Do I Help My Child After Treatment?

Treatment at a rehabilitation facility for teenagers dealing with addiction, cutting, promiscuity, depression, or other issues, is just one step in the recovery process. Most kids will need continued support and interventions to keep them from relapsing in their recovery. As parents, we want to know what we can do to best support our kids […]