Developing Healthy Attachment

Can You Be Cured of “Insecure Attachment?”

“Attachment” in recovery and therapy refers to our ability to connect with others and form meaningful relationships. Our “attachment style” is influenced greatly by the environment in which we were raised. Attachment styles are categorized into secure versus insecure, with secure attachment styles being the ideal and the insecure styles being separated into different types. […]

The Danger of Self-Harm and Cutting

Cutting and self-harm can be dangerous behaviors when your kids are engaging in them. Self-harming behaviors can be the sign of different issues going on with your child. If you notice that your child is engaging in any behaviors of self-harm or cutting, they may benefit from outside intervention, such as therapy or counseling. These […]

Isolated Teen

How to Help Your Child from Isolation

Children and teens may be isolating more frequently due to the restrictions and social distancing protocols from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our children might be having a difficult time with these restrictions, as they are still developing their communication and socialization skills. While we might also be affected by this isolation, we are more likely to […]