Can the Internet Be Dangerous for My Kids?

The internet provides a wealth of access and knowledge about the world at the ease of our fingertips. We can find nearly anything that we want from the internet, and almost anyone can post content online, whether the content is truthful or intentionally misleading. Kids are growing up with the internet and never lived in […]

Understanding the 5 Needs That Drive Behaviors

When kids engage in problematic behaviors, we might focus our attention solely on ending the behavior itself. We use punishment, yelling, and other means, hoping to get them to stop. Yet, we might find that no matter how much discipline we impose or how strict we are in “laying down the law,” our kids only […]

Dealing With Failure to Launch

Failure to launch can be frustrating for parents of older teens and young adults. However, kids might also feel frustration over their lack of moving forward. Kids recovering from mental health issues or addiction might need more time to catch up or manage other issues before finding footing as young adults. As they watch peers […]

rock bottom

Rock Bottom— What It Looks Like

Does rock bottom look the same for everyone experiencing the challenges of addiction and mental health issues? Can we define rock bottom objectively to know definitively when a person needs an intervention or treatment? Do we need to get to our lowest point to finally make a change? These questions regarding rock bottom can be […]


How Can I Help Someone Out of Depression?

When our kids are experiencing depression, we might wish that we could get them to “snap out of it.” Symptoms of depression can impair a child’s quality of life. Many experiencing depression stop doing things that they love or taking care of themselves. When kids have depression, the symptoms can cause them to stop doing […]