How to Understand Trauma and PTSD

“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.” -Viktor Frankl, Austrian Psychiatrist and Holocaust Survivor Trauma and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) can be complicated issues for us to understand when a child is affected by these disorders. We might not understand what our child is going through or how we can help. They […]

What You Need to Know About Anxiety and Depression

Two of the most commonly used words used when talking about mental health issues are anxiety and depression. Many times either one or both of these diagnoses will come up when a person struggles with mental health issues, behavioral problems, or addiction. Both can be underlying issues contributing to some of the challenges that some […]

Help for the Family: Solutions for Healthy Homes

Addiction and other behavioral issues with one member of the family can impact the entire household. More and more, treatment centers are integrating families into the process of recovery. Family work can make a significant difference in the recovery process for the person who is struggling. When one member of the family struggles with addiction, […]

How to Identify a Gaming Addiction in Your Kids

Video games and other electronics can create issues for our kids since their brains are developing and have a desire for instant gratification. Kids can gravitate toward getting many of their needs met via video games and other screens. Addiction—whether gaming, drugs, alcohol or other behaviors—is often rooted in the need for some type of […]


What Are the Signs of Screen Addiction?

Throughout the country, we use more cell phones and digital devices on a daily basis now more than ever before. During the COVID-19 pandemic, video chatting programs have helped many people connect with their families and have allowed businesses to continue operating with employees working from home. No matter what we may think about cell […]