Should I Tell Other Parents My Child’s Gender?

Parents of children who identify as other than their gender at birth might wonder if they should talk to other parents about their child’s transition. For example, parents might worry about how other parents will feel if a child born as a boy is spending time alone with their girl, and vice versa. In addition, […]


The Increased Risk of Harm in the LGBTQ+ Community

“Fitting in ” is one of the most common stressors facing teenagers. Everyone experiences some form of stress as they grow up, looking for their “tribe” or a place to belong. Kids in the LGBTQ+ community can have more challenges fitting in than their cisgender, heterosexual peers. Some members of the LGBTQ+ community can keep […]


How Can I Support My LGBTQ+ Child in Their Coming Out Process?

When a child comes out as LGBTQ+, we might be unsure of how to support them in their process. It might be shocking or confusing to us, but it is essential to remind our children that they are loved. Like all kids, LGBTQ+ kids need to be met with compassion. Many LGBTQ+ children feel rejected […]