Why Are Hobbies Important for a Child’s Mental Health and Development?

When considering hobbies and extracurricular activities for kids, we might not think about the skills kids can gain beyond the obvious. While activities or hobbies can benefit kids directly, like learning a skill that can help them in a career or getting exercise, kids can gain much from indirect skills. Things like learning to follow […]


How to Build a Strong Connection Through Common Interests

Recovery from addiction is about building strong and healthy connections to significant parts of our lives. As parents, we might struggle to connect with our kids, especially when struggling with mental health issues, behavioral problems, or addiction. Many of these issues can be challenging to discuss, and we might not understand our kids’ point of […]


How Can I Get Through to My Kid?

Parents might experience difficulty when approaching their children about critical issues. Kids might have severe struggles—like addiction, behavioral concerns, or mental health issues—that we, as parents, want to help our kids get through. However, sometimes, our kids “put up a wall,” and we cannot seem to get through to them. If our kid has been […]