Family Dinner

The Importance of the Family Dinner

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many families found themselves spending more time with one another. As events and activities were canceled due to safety concerns and social distancing guidelines, many people began to spend more time with their families. The pandemic may have “forced” us to stop running around after school with kids from one activity […]

Happy Family

Help for the Family: Solutions for Healthy Homes

Addiction and other behavioral issues with one member of the family can impact the entire household. More and more, treatment centers are integrating families into the process of recovery. Family work can make a significant difference in the recovery process for the person who is struggling. When one member of the family struggles with addiction, […]


Harm Reduction and Improving Life in Recovery

Recovery from addiction or other harmful behaviors can be challenging to approach. We might want to see significant changes quickly or hear someone promise to stop the behavior altogether before they begin recovery. This is especially true of potentially dangerous or hazardous behaviors, such as drug abuse, alcohol addiction, or self-injurious behaviors. Due to the […]

Healthy Relationships

The Value of Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Healthy relationships can be crucial to our recovery. We can find people to connect with that help us grow into the best versions of ourselves. As parents, we might be worried about the friendships that our kids are making in recovery. We always want to be sure to guide our children in making healthy decisions, […]