Grieving When a Loved One Overdoses

During recovery from addiction, we often face the reality that not everyone seeks treatment or heals. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the help they need in time, or they relapse with devastating consequences. While we might have moved on from friends who enabled our addictions, others may have never gotten past their own struggles. Friends and […]


How to Express Grief From the Pandemic

While some people lost family members and loved ones to COVID-19, fortunately, many of us did not experience loss on this scale. All of us have, however, experienced a loss of some kind during the pandemic. Some people lost their jobs, social connections, opportunities to engage in passions, or other meaningful parts of their daily […]


The Impact of Sudden Loss of Important People

The impact of sudden loss and catastrophic events can trigger a traumatic response blended with grief known as “complex grief.” Grief and loss expert Kathleen Parish describes complex grief as the normal grieving process with a component of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These days, kids are given training for various kinds of events. They complete […]