How to Build Authentic Relationships

When feeling overwhelmed by our family’s issues, our adult relationship with our parenting partner might have suffered. When kids are going through struggles, they might exhibit challenging behaviors like addiction, cutting, self-injuries, promiscuity, trouble at school, and others. We might feel as though we spend all of our time managing one crisis after another. By […]


The Positive Benefits of Families Supporting Families

Families can help one another as their loved ones face challenges due to addiction or other problematic behaviors. When we look at recovery, we have to remember that fixing the person with the issue does not heal the entire family system. Parents might struggle with their emotions surrounding the problems occurring at home. Siblings can […]


Why Is My Child Running Away, And What Can I Do?

Our kids can run away from home for several reasons. Generally, running away is a means of escaping some more significant consequence. Our kids might have engaged in normal rebellious behavior, testing limits, and pushing boundaries. However, they may have taken their actions too far, and now face several issues at school, at home, or […]


What Are “Natural Consequences” in Behavior Management?

“Responsible behavior is a prerequisite for privacy, choice, and freedom.” -Aaron Huey, Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center Co-Founder Natural consequences for behavior can teach teenagers what to do and what not to do. We strive to teach our kids to make good and healthy choices in life for their own long-term benefit. As parents, we […]

fix our family system

How Can We Fix Our Family System?

When one family member is struggling with addiction, our entire family system can be affected. We may be spending more time with our troubled teen than our other kids, which may create other issues for the kids not engaged in addictive behaviors. We may be spending a lot of time and energy focused on fixing […]