Should I Tell My Children About My Past?

When raising a child, you may find your child experiencing similar struggles that you did at their age. You also may recognize similar temptations, behavioral challenges, or addictive behaviors in their adolescent and teen years that negatively impact their daily functioning. When these situations occur, it is common to evaluate your past in order to […]

What Are the Levels of Care for Children’s Mental Health?

Navigating the mental health system for children can be confusing for parents of teens who struggle. We know that our child needs support, but how much help is needed and appropriate for their behaviors?  Often, kids might not enter mental health treatment until an emergency occurs. We might not be aware of issues going on, […]

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How Can I Make the Most of the Little Time I Have With My Kids?

As we return to normalcy following the pandemic, our schedules might fill up quickly. While we were possibly overwhelmed with the amount of time we spent at home, we might find ourselves having the opposite issue as things open up again. When our lives become busy between work, maintaining a relationship with our parenting partner, […]


What Do My Kids Need From Me?

Kids in recovery from addiction and other problematic issues might need parents more than they would like to admit. Often, oppositional behaviors can go hand-in-hand with other challenging behaviors. Kids, especially teens, go through a rebellious stage to assert their identities as they begin growing into adults. When addiction or other issues are present, opposition […]