Forgiving Yourself When Your Child Struggles

On the days when it seems like you can’t get along with your child, and there are arguments and conflicts around every corner, it can feel as if you’re entire household is crumbling. They are staying out past curfew, hanging out where they shouldn’t, or talking back, and you feel like you’ve exhausted all of […]

Getting Involved in Your Child’s Transition Home

When your child returns home from residential treatment, it is important that you remain active in their recovery and support them through their transition home. Trust in the lessons they have learned and allowing them to learn from you. When your child is in treatment for addiction or other behavioral health issues, it is encouraged […]

Is My Child Too Young to Transition Genders?

Parents of children identifying as a gender other than their birth gender might wonder what age is appropriate to transition. When a child identifies as a different gender, parents might wonder if these feelings are just play or pretend. Is My Child Transgender, or Is This Just a Phase? Kids play as they grow up. […]

Recovery Is the Fixing of a Broken System

Recovery from addiction and mental health requires examining the systems your child is involved in. You might think that you can just fix your kid, and everything will be fine. Once your child returns home from treatment, they will be cured—nothing else needs to be addressed. Most often, behavioral problems and addiction occur in environments […]