What You Need to Know About Attachment

We develop an attachment style early in our lives within our homes. Our parents and caregivers foster within us either a secure or an insecure attachment style. Sometimes, parents and caregivers are unknowingly passing on characteristics of the style of attachment they were taught. Our attachment style can have a considerable impact on the types […]


What Is the Definition of Addiction?

Parents might struggle to understand what addiction is. Defining addiction can be complicated and even somewhat subjective. Overall, addiction can be determined by what is not happening due to addictive behavior. When defined broadly like this, you can see that addiction can span several actions besides drugs and alcohol. People can become addicted to behaviors […]

Attachment Styles

What Is Developmental Trauma?

Developmental trauma occurs at some point between infancy and childhood for children facing abuse or neglect. These individuals can develop issues later in life when forming relationships with others or coping with life’s stressors. Many people with developmental trauma struggle to connect with others due to an insecure attachment style, resulting from being abused or […]