Should I Tell My Children About My Past?

When raising a child, you may find your child experiencing similar struggles that you did at their age. You also may recognize similar temptations, behavioral challenges, or addictive behaviors in their adolescent and teen years that negatively impact their daily functioning. When these situations occur, it is common to evaluate your past in order to […]

Am I Enabling Addiction or Keeping My Child Alive?

When a child struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, parents might begin blaming themselves for their child’s behaviors. One parent might accuse the other of enabling the addiction. The other parent could feel shame, as they blame themselves for what has happened. They fear the judgment and accusations of others, who might be […]

What Happens When Addiction Is in the Family

Addiction in the family has a ripple effect and can impact everyone. When a child has substance abuse disorder, the entire family unit is influenced.  Siblings can experience confusion about the issues, leading to maladaptive coping skills or other behavioral problems. Often, we only focus on the person with the addiction while assuming that other […]

Screen Addiction

How Can I Get my Kid Away From Social Media and Screens?

We know that kids love time on electronic devices. The world is utilizing the internet and devices more and more daily. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many relied on electronic devices to remain connected to their friends and family, attend support groups, participate in telehealth appointments, go to school, and continue working while under social restrictions. […]


How to Respond When Your Child Relapses

When our children go to treatment, we might expect that they will return home cured of their addiction or mental health issue. Unfortunately, a stay in a treatment facility will not fix any person forever. Recovery is a lifelong journey. For some kids, a stay in a treatment facility might have been the first step […]