Screen Addiction

How Can I Get my Kid Away From Social Media and Screens?

We know that kids love time on electronic devices. The world is utilizing the internet and devices more and more daily. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many relied on electronic devices to remain connected to their friends and family, attend support groups, participate in telehealth appointments, go to school, and continue working while under social restrictions. […]


How to Respond When Your Child Relapses

When our children go to treatment, we might expect that they will return home cured of their addiction or mental health issue. Unfortunately, a stay in a treatment facility will not fix any person forever. Recovery is a lifelong journey. For some kids, a stay in a treatment facility might have been the first step […]


Does My Child Need Treatment Again?

When a child or teenager goes through rehabilitation for addiction or other problematic behaviors, we might see a relapse sometime after treatment. When relapse occurs, some people get discouraged or believe that treatment does not work. Unfortunately, relapse can be a part of the process of recovery. Relapse does not always mean that a person […]


Share Your Story: You Never Know Who You Will Inspire!

Support is crucial for success for both kids and families in recovery. Parents and alumni can join peer support groups to continue supporting one another and foster a feeling of hope. When we share our stories, we can inspire others. We might not realize who we are impacting by speaking up within a group meeting. […]


Am I Enabling My Child’s Addiction and Destructive Behavior?

One of the most common thoughts and concerns of family members of individuals with problematic behaviors and addictions is whether we enable the behavior. We worry that there is something that we are or are not doing that is driving our child to use substances, alcohol, or engage in other behaviors, like cutting or promiscuity. […]