How Can I Help My Kids When Their Sibling Is In Treatment?

The siblings of a troubled child who is struggling with behavioral or mental health issues might be impacted by the family crisis. On the surface, siblings might appear to be doing fine. Parents might not see any problems with their other kids, or their attention might be focused so much more on the troubled child. […]


What Support Is Available for Parents and Families With Kids in Treatment?

Family work is a critical supplement to any recovery treatment program for adolescents and young adults. Parents of kids in treatment for addiction and other behavioral or mental health issues might need guidance for creating a supportive home for their kids. Many of us hope that getting the affected individual in treatment will be enough. […]


How to Discuss a Diagnosis: Impact of Labels

Labels can alter our perceptions and attitudes by imposing preconceptions onto our beliefs. When our kids are in treatment for mental health or addiction, our doctors, therapists, or psychiatrists might need to give a diagnosis to continue or recommend treatment. Our kids might start to think of themselves as the diagnosis instead of having a […]