Combat Anxiety

Simple Self-Care Tips to Combat Anxiety

Anxiety can be common for many of us. We may feel excessive guilt or worry, which precludes us from engaging in the outside world. We may have difficulty building or maintaining relationships due to anxiety. Anxiety can keep us trapped in a way that may not make sense to those around us. They may think that we can just “snap out of it” or pull ourselves together and push through things that feel overwhelming to us. We may also be hard on ourselves and look for a “quick fix” to our anxiety. Some of us may resort to alcohol or drugs to help us navigate social situations or feel calmer. For others, these feelings may lead us to dangerous self-harming behaviors to find some “relief” from the discomfort. 

The Mind-Body Connection

We might feel anxiety in our bodies as well as in our minds and thoughts. We might feel an empty pit within our stomachs. We might feel shaky or like we want to cry. We might lose our appetite or overeat to fill the void. Our physical health can help us manage our anxiety. We can learn new ways to care for our bodies to build resilience to stress and excessive worry. Our mind-body connection is strong. We can treat our anxiety by cultivating healthy habits that can release good feelings within our brains to combat our overactive nervous systems. The anxious mind fires out chemicals that signal danger to our physical bodies. We get an overwhelming feeling to stay away from threats or avoid any potential risks. 

We can treat our anxiety by treating our bodies first. We may need to use our bodies to “tap into” the helpful chemicals within our brains that can combat our anxiety. Stress can have a substantial effect on our bodies and our minds. By treating our bodies in respectful and healthy ways, we can build up resilience to stress. We may need to get rid of some unhealthy habits while introducing new ones to cope with the trials of daily life.

Healthy Habits to Combat Stress and Anxiety


  • Exercise can help us relieve our anxiety.
  • We can think of our anxiety as “stored energy.” This energy needs to be released. Otherwise, the energy will continue to affect our bodies as we allow it to wreak havoc internally.
  • We can take a walk around the block when feeling anxious or stretch for a few minutes.
  • We can build a routine of exercise that works for our daily life to get out ahead of anxiety. By staying ahead of our anxiety and planning to exercise each day, we can work through the excess energy.
  • Exercise can help our bodies build strength to manage the ways stress and anxiety affect our physical selves.


  • Our diet can affect our feelings and capacity to manage stress.
  • We can introduce healthy foods into our diets, like plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
  • We may need to rid ourselves of things that increase our likelihood of feeling anxious. We may want to think of foods meant to boost our energy in quick ways, like:
    • Caffeinated beverages
    • Energy drinks
    • Sugary foods or drinks
  • When we cut back on these foods, we minimize excess energies in our anxious bodies.
  • We might also be putting other stimulants in our bodies, like tobacco or vapes. We can think of anything we consume as being food and try to avoid additional stimulants.

Breathwork and mindfulness

  • Meditation exercises and mindfulness can help treat our anxiety.
  • We can use deep breathing exercises “in the moment” when we are experiencing anxiety and need to calm down.
  • We can also schedule regular times to meditate or self-reflect.
  • We can try to meditate for a few minutes each morning or before going to bed. 
  • We can practice mindfulness by engaging in activities where we “lose ourselves,” like art, music, writing, or other activities that build our self-worth.

Create a schedule and routine

  • Anxiety due to excessive worry is rooted in the feeling that the world is unpredictable.
  • We cannot control the world outside of ourselves; however, we can control our daily routines. We can create the prediction that we need to feel secure.
  • We can create schedules for managing regular household activities, like taking out the garbage, having a “laundry day,” and cleaning up after meals.
  • We can also create our wellness schedules. We can wake and go to bed around the same time each day, eat regular meals, schedule time for fun and our hobbies, and create a fitness routine.

Anxiety can get in the way of living a fulfilling and meaningful life. We can help ourselves by taking care of our bodies to stay ahead of the inevitable stresses of daily life. We can get regular exercise, eat healthy meals, avoid extra stimulants, and build a schedule to combat anxiety. Find ways to get out ahead of your anxiety that might be holding you back!

Anxiety can affect anyone and impact their lives in significant ways. If you are struggling with anxiety, you may feel overwhelmed or uneasy most of the time. When you feel anxious and nervous nearly all day long or cannot remember the last time you felt care-free, you may be struggling with anxiety. Anxiety can rob you of enjoying your life. You may limit your time out with others or feel like you need to keep yourself safe. We can combat our anxious feelings by tapping into our mind-body connection. When we use techniques to calm and strengthen our bodies, we can build our resiliency to anxiety. Our mind is influenced by how our body’s feel. We may even feel anxiety or other mental health issues with our bodies. By getting exercise, learning to meditate, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and other lifestyle changes, we can minimize the impact anxiety has on our lives. Call Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center at (303) 443-3343 for more information and help.

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