Parent Weekend April 2014

The first Parent Weekend took place last month. Parent Weekend is an opportunity for parents to learn and practice first-hand some of the techniques used to improve their parenting skills and deal with difficult kids. The first parent weekend was a great success and the parents felt it was extremely valuable.

Parents participated in martial arts with Aaron and the kids, and yoga with Rebecca from Balanced Healing. Nick Magle-Haberek, our family therapist, lead a session on trust and how to maneuver through the obstacles of life and the difficulties we are faced with when addiction affects our families. Parents spent several hours in the class room and learned various techniques to help guide them to be better parents for their struggling teens. Each quarter we hope to host a Parent’s Weekend and encourage all of the parents to attend.

Event Topics:

  • Basic Love and Logic techniques
  • The Archetypes taught at Fire Mountain
  • Setting healthy boundaries with your teen
  • Setting up healthy communication practices
  • The importance of language, and understanding intention and impact
  • Tools and approaches to better understand addiction

Here are some pictures form the parents weekend.







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