Fire Mountain Residential Program for Troubled Teens works to help work through behavioral issues, emotional issues, and other struggles in adolescents. We do this by removing the teenager from their natural environment and place them somewhere they are not exposed to the negative influences of their peers, substances, and trouble with the law. In their new safe and structured environment allows for the adolescent to gain the support they need to fully understand their behavior and adjust it. We staff mental health and medical professionals who have years of experience and who are extremely passionate about our mission at Fire Mountain. We also offer support to the family of every teenager who stays at our retreat, supplying them with the tools they need to not only understand their child’s behavior but also to ensure that they can use the right parenting tactics that will be needed once the treatment program is concluded.

If you feel as though you have done all you can to help your teenager and you are in need of assistance, we can help you at Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center. Want to know more about why our program is so effective? Continue reading below.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child A Residential Treatment Program

When you choose to bring your child to Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center, you are not only making a healthy decision for your teenager, but you are also making a healthy decision for your family as a whole. When adolescents are separated from their everyday surroundings, they are able to eliminate many of the triggers that have caused them to act out in the past. By offering a safe space and the proper guidance, the staff at Fire Mountain Programs have been able to help plenty of families just like yours. You too can heal and rebuild by aiding your son or daughter in leaving destructive habits behind and helping them to look forward to their future.

While there is an innumerable amount of reasons our treatment works, we think it is important that you know just a few. Below are just some of the reasons that our program is so successful in helping adolescents find a new sense of purpose and self.


At Fire Mountain, we offer the perfect balance of love and discipline to the teenagers who are receiving treatment. We know that everyone has their battles to fight and we are not going to ignore how the adolescent feels and justifies their behavior. We create a safe and open environment so that your child can feel supported and understood.


When your child is staying at Fire Mountain, he/she will participate in both individual counseling and group counseling. Both serve the adolescent in a different way, helping them to deal with the specific challenges they face on a daily basis, as well as the challenges that those who are similar in age also experience. Those attending will learn how to not only improve themselves but also how they can improve their relationship with their family.


Showing adolescents that they have potential to be a strong leader is one of the many ways they can make the choice to leave destructive patterns behind. Being given the chance to lead allows for a younger person to grow their character, as well as their courage, both things that will be needed if they want to be successful later in life.


One of the things that many of the teenagers who come stay at our treatment center have in common when they arrive is an overall disinterest in academia. While we understand that every person learns at their own pace, we also want to encourage the teens to be curious and pursue their interests in a way that allows them to be engaged in their school work once they return to their normal day-to-day life.

Life Skills

Transitioning from being a teenager to adulthood is not easy for anyone, even children who would be considered to be prepared. One of our missions at Fire Mountain is to make sure that your child is not only able to survive on their own, but they can truly thrive.

What Issues Is Your Teen Dealing With?

When you become a parent to a teenager, it’s often difficult to remember just how tough it is to be that age. It is often difficult for parents to truly understand just how different the world is now for teenagers than it was when they were growing up. In order to give you some perspective, we have compiled a few statistics to give you a better idea of how much much things have changed.

Due to the extreme pressure to fit in as we edge closer to adulthood, teenagers often find themselves doing things that even a few years before they swore they would never have any part in. The positive influence of the staff and the lessons taught at Fire Mountain might be exactly what your son or daughter needs to pull away from the commonality of doing things because of peer pressure.

Boys vs. Girls

While many treatment centers choose to separate the genders during treatment, Fire Mountain does not. We feel that this does not serve the adolescents in the best way possible as they are not in an environment that is realistic. Treating both boys and girls also sends the message that there is no one sex that experiences these issues more than the other. Much of the time, there tends to be an emphasis on troubled teenage boys. The truth is that while the issues that girls and boy experience may stem from different places internally, their actions are often very similar.

Regardless of which gender your teenager is, the best thing you can do for them when they reach a troubled stage of their life is finding a way to help. While raising a teenager may not be the easiest thing in the world, seeking help is fairly simple.

Why Should You Choose Fire Mountain?

There are many parents who experience extreme guilt when they even consider sending their child somewhere to receive treatment. They feel as though they have failed if the resources their child needs to get back on track are not being offered by them in their home. While we absolutely understand these emotions, we assure you, you are doing what is best for you child and below we will tell you why. The following are just a few reasons our residential treatment center will benefit your child.

  • Our center is a viable and helpful alternative to the traditional schooling your child receives when they are living in your home. This is especially the case when it is clear that your child is not benefiting from a typically structured education.
  • Our treatment center also gives the parents of troubled teens a break from having to worry and keep up with their child’s every move. Knowing your teenager is in a safe and structured environment is the first step for both you and your kid to begin healing properly.
  • We employ therapists, teachers, and other staff who are all passionate about helping troubled youth face their demons and move forward in a positive way.
  • Your teenager will also be able to interact with other youths who are experiencing the same issues as they are. These interactions give all those receiving treatment to be surrounded by positive peer pressure rather than the negative kind that they are normally engulfed in.
  • Your child will be given an individualized treatment so that you can feel confident in the changes sticking once treatment is over.

Why Will Your Teen Listen To Us If He/She Won’t Listen To You?

One of the most common questions we get when parents are considering sending their teen to our center is what difference we can make that they couldn’t. Many parents tell us that their child has put up walls and will not listen to anyone regardless of what they say. We understand these doubts. After all, as the parent, you have likely been doing anything and everything you can to get your teenager to simply show you some respect. On the other hand, we are entirely confident that we will be able to break down these barriers, and we will tell you why.

Lack of Communication Barriers

The first thing you need to realize that as the parent of a troubled teen, you are not emotionally healthy. You are experiencing what is known as “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” after dealing with your child making dangerous and destructive decisions. Much of the time, this leads to parents making decisions out of fear when it comes to their child. This fear is normally expressed in anger, punishments, and the removal of privileges your teen holds near and dear.  Soon this results in an extreme power struggle between the parent and the child, leading them to shut down any time you speak with them. We work to expose these dynamics and teach both you and your teenager how to communicate effectively.

Positive Peer Pressure

As we mentioned above, being pressured positively by peers, rather than negatively is an extremely powerful thing for teenagers. They put a lot of weight into what they believe others their same age think of them. They also are able to witness the progress of others which can be extremely inspiring. This community makes getting back on the right track the more appealing option, rather than the alternative.

Feeling Emotionally Safe

When teenagers come to stay at Fire Mountain, many times they have no idea what emotionally safety is. We want to know what we can do to make them feel emotionally safe and whether or not they think they have ever actually felt emotionally safe. Allowing the teenagers to grow trust in the staff, their peers, and the process as a whole encourages openness and true expression.

Not Everything Feels So Personal

Working with troubled teens since the early 2000s has taught us a lot about being vulnerable, open, and non-judgmental with all the teen that come to stay at our treatment center. Much of the time, it takes quite a while to get a teenager to open up, especially when they have had negative experiences with authority figures in the past. However, we continue to work them until they are ready and willing to open up. We let them know that we get why they have a hard time expressing their emotions and that they are on their own timeline. We do not take it personally that they do not feel the readiness and willingness to be honest with us from the get-go. We trust the process and eventually they learn to as well.

Do You Need Help Choosing A Residential Treatment Program For Your Troubled Teen?

We know it is very scary to think about sending your child to a residential treatment center like Fire Mountain. We speak with parents every single day who relay their concerns to us and we acknowledge that a decision like this is not an easy one. However, we also know the type of kids we see leaving our center once treatment is complete. They are entirely different people than they were when they first arrived. We know the power that a program like the one at Fire Mountain holds. We know that we change lives and if we can change your child’s for the better, then there is no need to hesitate, is there? Contact Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center to learn more about what we can do for your teenager. We would be happy to answer any questions you have or simply listen to any concerns you are currently mulling over. We’re here to help and we absolutely can help your child.