Wrap Around Care

Introducing New Solutions With Wrap-Around Care

Wrap-around care can help your child recover from addiction and mental health disorders. When we talk about “wrap-around care” at Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center, we are referring to creating care plans for both kids and their families. Wrap-around care means that treatment is not confined to the facility. We want to help you in the home, where you can support your troubled child with our guidance, support, tools, and education. We hope to empower not only the children and teens that we work with, but we hope to support and guide the entire family unit through recovery. We hope to help your family’s flame burn the brightest. Wrap-around care is an approach inspired by our underlying philosophy of building stronger families.

Trauma Ingrained Care to Help Caregivers

At Fire Mountain, we believe in trauma “ingrained” approaches to care. These approaches involve the recognition that helping the people we love with their issues might bring up issues within ourselves. When caring for a child with emotional disturbances and problematic  behaviors, be sure to take care of yourself and be cognizant of your own emotional state. When your child is exhibiting extreme behaviors or expressing distressing emotions, you may be triggered or get upset. You may lose your patience when things are going badly. This is all normal for you to experience. As parents, we want to be strong in order to care for our children and may feel guilty if we get stressed or exhausted through the process. Trauma ingrained care means that you are taking breaks when you need to and engaging in self-care practices.

With wrap-around care, we invite families into the process of care. We know that seeing your child struggle is difficult. These things can take an emotional toll on us as parents. We encourage you to be mindful of your own mental health and emotions. As part of wrap-around care, we can help you gain the tools that you need to take care of your child. We hope that these tools and workshops can help minimize your feelings of burnout. We also hope to connect you with other parents who may be able to provide support and make you feel less alone in your struggle to keep your family healthy. We are also here to provide training for parents when their children are in our program.

The Importance of Natural Support

Having a system of natural support is important for the success of your family. We encourage you to build a strong support system for your family and child. A natural support system consists of anyone in your life, who is invested in your health and well-being and is not a clinical staff member. At Fire Mountain, we hope to step away after treatment, knowing that you and your family can grow during and after treatment. One way that you can help ensure your success is by building a natural support system for you and your family.  

Some people who might be a part of your family’s natural support system could be:

  • Extended family members outside of your household
  • Neighbors, who you trust and know well
  • Family friends
  • Your child’s friends (peers can be among the strongest influence on our kids!)
  • Coaches or teachers
  • Anyone else who is important to you and your child!

We also invite your supporters into the treatment and care planning process for your family. 

Natural support systems can help us in many ways. Our neighbors can look out for our home when we are away. When dealing with a crisis, they may be able to step in to help with some of our household routines—like taking care of pets or taking the mail inside—if we are occupied with a hospital visit or other emergency. Family friends and others can help us when we feel overwhelmed. They may be able to step in if we need a break or someone to talk to. Teachers and coaches can be our “eyes outside of the home,” keeping us informed of our child’s progress outside of the house.

Remember that you are not alone. We are here for you, always. If you and your family continue to struggle following treatment, we are here to support you and troubleshoot some of the potential issues. You can work toward becoming an independent and healthy family unit and needing a minimal amount of clinical support. When you build a strong support system for yourself and your family, you can help alleviate some of your stress and pressure to hold it all together yourself. 

Wrap-around care involves the family and natural support system in the therapeutic process to help families after the clinical team steps away. By finding solutions that will work for the whole family, we can help to ensure the success and health of your household. We want to empower families to find the solutions that will work for them. Remember that you also need to be part of your child’s treatment. Solving the issues with your kid and within your family requires more than just your troubled child getting better. You need to heal the entire family unit and create a healthy, supportive home environment where your family can thrive. You can include other important people in care planning to help your child and family. Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center is here for you. We help families and troubled kids find solutions for success. Call us today at (303) 443-3343 for more information.

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