Troubled Teen Residential Program FAQ

Find out the answers to your most pressing questions.

Does Fire Mountain work with behavioral/mental health issues and substance abuse?

Yes. Many teens struggle with mental health issues and substance abuse while some are dealing with one or the other. We focus on the underlying issues and work with the symptoms.  Many FMRTC teens do not abuse substances. Please call us to discuss whether we are a good fit for your teen and family. (303) 443-3343. You may also listen to our fonder’s  Podcast, Beyond Risk and Back and watch our videos.

My kid mostly smokes pot. Isn’t it just an expected part of adolescence?

More kids enter treatment with a primary diagnosis of marijuana dependence than for all other illegal drugs combined, –National Youth AntiDrugCampaign:

“[I]n the 1970s and 80s, the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, was at 3.5 percent. Today, the THC found in most marijuana averages more than 7 percent. But specific techniques can skyrocket the amount of THC to as high as 27 percent. Today’s marijuana is much more powerful and much more addictive than it was a generation ago.” – Andrea Barthwell, MD, former Deputy Director at the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)

How long would my teen stay at Fire Mountain?

The average length of stay is 5-6 months with a recommended minimum stay of 4 months(120 days). If finances permit, we recommend keeping your teen with us until he or she is truly ready to restart life in earnest. Ultimately, with our team’s input and recommendations, you (the parents/guardians) will make the final decision.

What is the admissions process and how do I apply?

After reviewing this website, we suggest you call the Fire Mountain office to speak with an admissions counselor. You and the counselor will complete a preliminary assessment to determine whether your teen is a good fit for the program. If you decide to move forward, we will walk you through the process. You may set up an in-person or video tour by calling 303-443-3343.

Will I be able to get references from parents of graduates?

Yes, please call or email to request a list of parents/graduates (303) 443-3343 We encourage you to contact them.

Do you do interventions?

No, but we can give you a list of adolescent interventionists. 

Do I bring my teenager myself or will you conduct an intervention?

Every situation is different. Some kids agree to enroll in the program and will pack and get in the car/on the plane with little or no resistance. Other times, assistance from a friend or family member or professional is needed. Please call the office for support and strategies for getting your teen onboard. Most teens agree to come to FM once they have seen the homey building and warm environment and talked to our staff. (303-443-3343).

What are Fire Mountain’s outcomes and success rate?

The best way to answer this question is to refer you to speak with parents and teens who have graduated from the program. Human success is hard to box into a precise measurement. Please call the office for a list of graduate parents and teens. 303-443-3343.

The involvement of our graduates at the treatment center and postgraduate programs are a testament to the success rate. Many graduates voluntarily return to mentor, participate in graduations and initiations.