Beyond Risk and Back is a podcast designed to support parents, teachers, and clinicians who work with kids at risk.

Aaron interviews leaders in the field of mental health, child development, addiction, and recovery. The topics include everything from adoption, to video games, vaping, heroin, ADHD, suicide, and self-harm.

Each week, Aaron and his guests strive to shine a light on the isolation plaguing mental health and at-risk behaviors.

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Which Way? is Shari Simmons' podcast and the title of her book.

Shari is currently the Executive Director of Fire Mountain Treatment Center and is an Adjunct Professor at Colorado Christian University, where she teaches Crisis/Trauma, Psychopathology and Management/Administration.

Since a young age, Shari has studied resiliency and the enduring self-sabotaging thoughts that are often the result of trauma. She is co-author of Which Way?, a memoir and psychological handbook on trauma for survivors, clinicians, and anyone who wants to understand and celebrate just how resilient the human spirit is.

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