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Hello Parents,

We want to make every effort to communicate with you about what Fire Mountain is doing to protect the youth and employees from COVID 19.  Many of us are parents as well and can understand what a concerning time this is, especially when your child isn't living at home.

Because we are taking extra precautions and keeping your children isolated from the community, their chances of exposure are significantly decreased.  We are strictly following our Pandemic Disaster Plan, approved by the State of Colorado Licensing team, which details a strict cleaning and containment protocol.  Below to further explain the precautions we are taking.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or specific concerns.  Your kiddos are our number one priority and the good news is that they are healthy and strong and not considered to be in a high risk category!

For now...

1.  We are not allowing the youth to go into the community for programming to include AA/NA meetings, events, volunteering, the Wolf Sanctuary. They will be allowed to hike and play outside.  In fact, play is something that will be encouraged!
2.  We are insisting that youth and staff wash their hands frequently.
3.  We are keeping the youth out of the kitchen for culinary class and cleaning.  
4.  We are not allowing visitors on our campus, that includes parents.  However, we are implementing zoom visits for each child throughout the week so that can connect to parents and siblings. All food, water and packages deliveries will be placed outside the door of our lodge to limit contact from outside entities 
5.  We have cancelled passes for the weekend of 3/20-3/22 and will continue to get updates from our Colorado government officials regarding the coming weeks. 
6.  As a team, we have signed a written commitment to one another, aligning ourselves to the adherence of all government dictates regarding handwashing, social distancing, etc.

All of us at Fire Mountain acknowledge what a difficult time this is for everyone.  We have an aphorism that our employees and the youth say to one another frequently, "Got Your Back!"  It's our way of verbally recognizing that we care about one another and do life together, as a team!  With that, please know that through all of this...We've GOT YOUR BACK and are here to answer questions or hear concerns from parents who have youth at Fire Mountain, to parents who have youth on our waiting list, to parents who need some extra encouragement and support right now.   

Best Regards,

Shari Simmons MSW, LCSW

Executive Director

Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center

Estes Park, Colorado