creating a routine for kids

How Can Creating a Routine and Schedule Help Your Kids?

Routines and schedules can help our kids and our entire family units function in a healthy way. When we create schedules, like menu plans and family nights, we can help ensure that important things are not being neglected. As we work on scheduling regular activities, like meals and time together, we help to build routines […]

healthy nutrition in recovery

How Can Healthy Nutrition Help with Healing From Addiction?

Healing and recovery from addiction involve more than dealing with our mental health and emotional states. Recovery is about finding healthier ways of living and making better choices for our all-around health. If addiction to drugs and alcohol have damaged our bodies and minds by putting harmful substances inside ourselves, then consuming healthy foods can […]

Food For Recovery

Food for Recovery

Our Recovery Process One very important element of the recovery process at Fire Mountain is our whole foods diet. We ensure that the teens who enter into our care receive healthy, well-balanced meals that are gluten and dairy-free with minimal sugar and caffeine available throughout the day. Learning how to cook their own healthy meals […]