Family Dinner

The Importance of the Family Dinner

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many families found themselves spending more time with one another. As events and activities were canceled due to safety concerns and social distancing guidelines, many people began to spend more time with their families. The pandemic may have “forced” us to stop running around after school with kids from one activity […]


How Can I Connect with My Child with ASD?

April is “Autism Awareness Month,” intended to dedicate time to sharing stories and experiences of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their loved ones. ASD is considered a spectral disorder, meaning that those with ASD experience symptoms that can “range from gifted to severely challenged.” ASD is characterized by challenges in socialization, communication, and […]


How Can I Support My LGBTQ+ Child in Their Coming Out Process?

When a child comes out as LGBTQ+, we might be unsure of how to support them in their process. It might be shocking or confusing to us, but it is essential to remind our children that they are loved. Like all kids, LGBTQ+ kids need to be met with compassion. Many LGBTQ+ children feel rejected […]


The Best Ways to Support Each Other During COVID

Staying connected to our friends and peers during the pandemic can be difficult. Isolation, however, can lead to relapse. As we are beginning to open up more social outlets safely, many of us are still restricted in many of the activities we loved before the pandemic. Some of us may have been doing fine during […]